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In 1999 eFKa’s publishing house was born out of a need for a publishing house for feminists.  Previously, feminist authors in Poland had trouble finding publishers for their books because publishing houses within the mainstream market were reluctant to publish books by little known authors on “controversial” issues.

The success of eFKa’s publishing house changed this situation.  The first two books, published in 1999 and 2000, Ladies, knights, and feminists (Sławomiry Walczewskiej) and Cindrella, Frankenstein and Others (Kazimiery Szczuki) were considered by juries for prestigious awards.  The third, Body, Desire, Clothing (Krystyny Kłosińskiej), even made the seven book shortlist for the finals of the NIKE literary award.  Even a reprinting of the book Airtight Existence, was entrusted to eFKa’s publishing house by a well known and highly-respected author within the field of cultural philosophy, Jolanta Brach-Czaina.

Considerable resistance of many publishing houses to the issues of feminist authors has waned, and since this time, many well-known feminist books have appeared on the market.  eFKa’s publishing house, therefore, was able to serve its purpose.  However, this does not mean that it has lost its reason for existence.  “Series 3K,” which means “Women, Culture, Critique” (“Kobieta - Kultura – Krytyka”) has a distinct profile.  Books from this series are ambitious essays dealing with different aspects of culture, which take into account gender perspectives.

The publishing house is open to author’s proposals.

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