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"Pełnym Głosem" or „In a Full Voice” was the first feminist periodical to be published in Poland after the transition of 1989. From 1993 – 1997 five issues of the publication appeared in Poland. 
The name of the magazine referred to voice, or having women’s voices published, and also the ability to openly write about the realities concerning women’s lives.
"Pełnym Głosem" was edited by Sławomira Walczewska and Beata Kozak, and was a magazine directed at feminists and people interested in feminism. The magazine included articles from various women, including (but not only): Izabela Filipiak, Natasza Goerke, Olga Tokarczuk, Grażyna Borkowska, Bożena Umińska, Shana Penn, Ann Snitow, Agnieszka Graff – writers, activists, feminists, professors, students of gender studies, and poets. In “Pełnym Głosem” one could read lesbian erotica, feminists literary critics, reprints of feminist literature from the past 100 years, poems, absurdity, analyses of Polish Feminism and violence against women, texts about matriarchy and feminist philosophy, articles about the long ago “League of Polish Women” and women activists in the Solidarity Movement. In each issue there were reviews of films and books. 
Currently, the first, second, and last (5th) issues are not available, the 3rd and 4th issues may be ordered.

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